Geologist Jon Clarke braves life on Mars

Prior to his 3 appearances at the 2017 World Science Festival in Brisbane, ISCAST Fellow Jon Clarke was interviewed by Emma Griffiths about his Mars experience on ABC Drive. ISCAST even gets a mention! (From 14 min on.)
The podcast of this interview is now available.


A Holiday with a Difference: Lecturing on a Cruise Ship

Tim and Lyn Beattie (ISCASTians in Melbourne) recently took a holiday with a difference. A cruise, in fact, where they offered some mental stimulation to their fellow cruisers. We asked them to tell us briefly about the experience and how the talks were received.

Interview with Astrophysicist Dr Jennifer Wiseman

Today is International Women's Day and, while women are not overly represented in ISCAST (a challenge to remedy!), here's a sneak peak at a woman who we hope will be joining us in Australia for a conference next year. Jennifer Wiseman is senior scientist on the Hubble space telescope and (NASA permitting) will join us in March 2018 for our next COSAC–Conference on Science and Christianity.

Here she is in interview mode:


Ard Louis and Morgan Freeman Talk about Science and God on National Geographic

Who has best portrayed God in cinema?  My vote is for Morgan Freeman’s version in the theologically profound Jim Carrey comedy Bruce Almighty (2003). Freeman gave the role gravitas, tackling a number of vexing theological questions in a humorous and endearing way.  Thirteen years after his initial portrayal of God, Morgan Freeman is hosting National Geographic Channel’s The Story of God with Morgan Freeman, which recently kicked off its second six-episode season.

Exoplanets and theology

Does the discovery of exoplanets threaten established religions here on Earth?

A comment by ISCAST Fellow James Garth


The Dictionary of Christianity and Science

A promising new Christianity and science dictionary is due out in April.



Exoplanet discoveries and alien life: A comment by ISCAST Fellow Jon Clarke

Exoplanet discoveries and alien life: A comment by ISCAST Fellow Jon Clarke

Dr Jonathan Clarke is an ISCAST Fellow and board member. He is president of Mars Society Australia, an associate of the Australian Centre for Astrobiology, and sessional instructor in astrobiology at Swinburne University.

2017-02-25 Adelaide: GCRI Lecture

Date: Saturday 25th February, 2017. 7pm
Topic: Is the brain just a computer made of meat? What neuroscience says about who we are.
Speaker: A/Prof. Alan Gijsbers

There may be an antidote to politically motivated reasoning

There may be an antidote to politically motivated reasoning. And it's wonderfully simple. Yes, politics can make us stupid. But there's an important exception to that rule.

God, bubbles and the origin of life

There is something about the sight of a bubble hanging effortlessly in the air that excites a childlike wonder in us, whatever our age. Perhaps it’s their delicate beauty, almost transparent, glimmering with a rainbow of colours? Perhaps it’s the temptation to pop them? For me, the most amazing thing about bubbles is that they make themselves.



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