Genetics, evolution and Christian faith

Dr. Graeme Finlay:  ISCAST (NSW) - CASE Lecture 
Date: 17 September, 2009
Venue: New College, University of NSW


Dr. Graeme Finlay presented this ISCAST-CASE lecture at New College, The University of NSW on September 17th 2009.  

Dr. Finlay, a Senior Lecturer in General Pathology in the Dept of Molecular Medicine and Pathology at the University of Auckland, is one of the invited speakers at the coming COSAC 2009, Conference on Science and Christianity from Sep 18-20 in Geelong.

He is a committed evangelical Christian keenly interested in the relationship of science and the Christian faith. He has already written three booklets on this topic published in 2004 by Telos Books (Auckland) with the titles: 'Evolving Creation' 46pp. ISBN 0-476-00650-3; 'God's Books: Genetics and Genesis' 75pp. ISBN 0-476-00651-1; 'A Seamless Web: Science and Faith'. 59pp. ISBN 0-476-00816-6. In addition, in 2006 he gave an invited lecture in Emmanuel College at the University of Cambridge on ‘Human Genetics and the Image of God’.

Abstract: The burgeoning science of comparative genomics is revealing how the human genome was assembled.  New genes form over evolutionary time as a result of the operation of familiar genetic processes.  These same processes are encountered today in the study of genetic diseases.  The operation of random or contingent events during human evolution must be integrated with the biblical perspective that God has a purpose and goal for creation.

These issues may be addressed by appreciating that evolution is biological history, and that this biological history shares features of the human history described in Scripture.  In these histories, inanimate matter and conscious human beings have been granted freedom by God, who has committed Himself to creation to redeem and transform it.  God works through this free process to bring creation to its purposed end.  Thus the happenstance inherent in both evolution and human history is integral to the covenantal relationship by which God will establish the new creation.

*Sponsored by ISCAST: Christians in Science & Technology and CASE: Centre for Apologetic Scholarship and Education (at New College, UNSW)

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