Associate Professor Alan Gijsbers to be the new ISCAST President

At its latest meeting the ISCAST Board asked Assoc Prof Alan Gijsbers to be its new President following on from Prof John Pilbrow who will be stepping down at the next Annual General Meeting of the Institute on 20 September 2009 (at COSAC).


John has served as President for three years and has done much to define who ISCAST is and what its role and function in Australia and New Zealand should be in this new decade. ISCAST had evolved significantly since its inception in 1989 and so has the Australasian community to which it belongs. Taking to time to redefine the reason for our existence is something that needs to be done regularly.

Alan Gijsbers is an Honorary Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, Royal Melbourne Hospital, University of Melbourne. He is a Specialist Physician in Addiction Medicine, Head of Addiction Medicine, Royal Melbourne Hospital and Medical Director of the Substance Withdrawal Unit at The Melbourne Clinic, Richmond. He is the founding editor of the VISCAST Bulletin and, later, the ISCAST National Bulletin, and was the past chairman of ISCAST (Vic). He is also a past chairman of the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia and currently President of HealthServe Australia.

He comes into the role with a strong sense of the importance of ISCAST and a determination for it to become a recognised resource for the community (particularly students), the church and for scientists and professionals who are also Christians and seeking to make their work an expression of their Christian faith.

New ISCAST President

Many thanks John for all you have done during your presidency. And welcome Alan!



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