Annual Lecture - Vic

Darwin’s Compass: How evolution discovers the song of creation

Date: Thursday 17 September 2009 at 8.00pm
Venue: Glen Waverley Anglican Church, 800 Waverley Road, Glen Waverley, Vic 3150
Cost: $15 (or $12 concession for ISCAST members, pensioners and students)
Presenter: Professor Simon Conway Morris of Cambridge University.

Professor Simon Conway Morris will argue that evolution, apparently driven by random mutations and adaptations, is not as uncertain as it might seem. Constrained by a limited number of possible outcomes it is, in fact, predictable like any other science. What are the implications of this?

Professor Simon Conway Morris is an accomplished scientist, a committed Christian and a gifted communicator. First applauded for his work on the fossils of the Burgess shale he continues to research early life on Earth. He has made significant contributions to discussions on the philosophical and metaphysical implications of evolution, and he is a strong critic of materialism and reductionism, arguing that the Creation is open-ended and endlessly fertile.

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