Responding to the Challenge of Climate Change

Responding to the Challenge of Climate Change
Richard Gijsbers, September 2007.            



Richard is a forester by training having worked in Victoria, Nepal, India and Cambodia. He also spent some time working on forest policy and planning before moving into consulting. He now works with his wife Glenys as an information management consultant helping businesses and organisations make the most of their information resources.


With Climate Change, the time has come for those who can to start to make things happen. While prophetic words are still needed and will continue to be needed, the community is largely convinced of the reality and importance of the matter. We need to move beyond rock concerts, spelling out messages on the beach and preaching sermons warning of what is to come. The question now is 'How should we then live?'.
This paper explores this question, looking for pragmatic and effective courses of action for the wider community, including the church in Australia.

Key words

Climate change, response, role of the church.

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