Ethics, Experiments and Embryos

Ethics, Experiments and Embryos: A Christian's Observations on the Embryonic Stem Cell Debate
Brian Edgar, April 2003




Brian Edgar, MTh, PhD.


The paper discusses some aspects of the recent history of the debate concerning embryonic experimentation and relates it to Christian theological themes including:

  • The place of theological principles in public debate
  • The notion of humanity being made in the image of God
  • The nature of God's providence/action in the world
  • The concept of 'ensoulment'
  • The moral status of the embryo
  • Natural law principles
  • Creational and redemptive theologies.

These principles are integrated with various philosophical and ethical principles including:

  • Deontology (the ethics of duty)
  • Utilitarianism (the ethics of consequences)
  • Aretaicism (the ethics of virtue)
  • The nature of argumentation and 'slippery-slope' arguments

Key words

Ethics, Experiments, Embryos.

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