Wrong fight, wrong concepts, wrong everything.

Wrong fight, wrong concepts, wrong everything.
W Grainge Clarke, April 2006



W Grainge Clarke BSc(Hons) BEd MA DipRE MACE is a retired senior lecturer in science.


What appears to be a dispute between science and religion has little to do with the truth of either. Rather it reflects philosophical confusion with respect to the nature of science, the meaning of creation, the nature of scientific methods and the concept of proof. The true centre of the conflict lies not in the facts of science, the theory of evolution or the Biblical text itself but in a philosophical decision. For reasons that will be discussed, the decision as to whether the universe is an open system on which a Deity can act or a closed system on which neither God nor autonomous man can act cannot be based on scientific evidence.

Key words

Closed system, creation, evolution, intelligent design, mechanism, open system, philosophy of science, purpose, scientific methods




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