Phenomenal Cosmic Power, Itty-bitty Living Space?

Phenomenal Cosmic Power, Itty-bitty Living Space? Reflections on the Incarnation in an Einsteinian Universe
Andrew Sloane, October 2005



Andrew Sloane is Lecturer in Old Testament and Christian Thought, Morling Theological College, Sydney, Australia.


How can the infinite Creator inhabit a finite body? What does this mean for God's action in the universe? Theoretical viewpoints in both physics and theology impact on the answer to these questions. This paper explores these issues from a theological point of view, with particular reference to the work of Thomas Torrance and his understanding of the interaction of science and theology and the theology of divine agency and the Incarnation. It notes the way that theories of space and time have influenced the theology of the Incarnation and divine agency. On the basis of a particular understanding of space and time and theological method, it concludes with theological reflections on the Incarnation and divine agency.

Key words

Creation, Incarnation, Divine Agency, Space and Time, Christology, Trinity, Theological Method, Newton, Einstein, Torrance.




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