Modern Science and Christian Belief

Modern Science and Christian Belief Should Be at Peace
Peter H Barry, October 2005




Peter H Barry is Emeritus Professor, School of Medical Services, University of New South Wales, Australia.


In this paper, I will give an overview/review of two recent books: Coming to peace with science: bridging the worlds between faith and biology by Darrell R. Falk and Random Designer; created from chaos to connect with the Creator by Richard G. Colling.  In addition I will include something of my own background and my thoughts on the science-faith issues raised by these two books.

This paper is an expanded and modified version of a talk given at an ISCAST meeting in the School of Physics at the University of NSW on Monday August 29th 2005.

Key words

Modern science, Christian faith, Creation and Genesis, Evolution, The age of the earth, Evangelical views, Creationism, Genetic evidence, Random designer.

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