Membership of ISCAST

ISCAST has four categories of membership as follows:

  • Fellow
  • Associate
  • Corporate and Family
  • Student


Fellows of ISCAST are those who subscribe to ISCAST’s Vision, Mission and Core Values and have qualifications and experience usually in the form of:
  • a higher degree
  • commercial, industrial or professional experience (or research work) in one or more fields related to the aims of ISCAST
  • teaching experience in one or more fields related to the aims of ISCAST.
Fellows of ISCAST seek to integrate a view of the world as revealed in the Bible with a view of the world as discovered by the scientific method. Our fundamental belief is that these are complementary and the challenge is to understand both in this light.
ISCAST Fellows fill a vital role in the ongoing life of ISCAST by:
  • electing the Board;
  • taking part in ISCAST’s research, education and training programs;
  • being the major contributors to ISCAST publications and to publications elsewhere in the science-faith debate; 
  • leading discussions or giving lectures at ISCAST events; 
  • being available for lectures/talks at other events with a science-faith aspect including talks to schools, campus and church groups; 
  • encouraging one another regularly to keep in focus the mission of Christ in their daily lives and work as scientists, technologist or theologians.
The list of current ISCAST Fellows with brief profiles is available here.

Becoming a Fellow

Fellows are appointed by the Board. Appointment can be by:


Application from interested persons should be sent to the ISCAST Board.

Applications should consist of a CV, including a brief faith statement, and letter of application addressing the guidelines according to a by-law adopted 9 September 2000 and with reference to ISCAST’s Core Values. Where possible the names of any ISCAST Fellows known to the applicant should be included as referees.

Prospective applicants should be registered ISCAST Associates and have been involved with ISCAST for a period of at least one year before becoming a Fellow.


Suitably qualified people may be invited by the Board to become Fellows. Those approached will be asked to submit a CV, including a brief faith statement, and a letter addressing the guidelines according to a by-law adopted 9 September 2000 with reference to ISCAST’s Core Values.

The annual subscription for ISCAST Fellows as at March 2015 is $190 per year.

Download a copy of the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association below:

Memorandum of Association

Articles of Association



Associates are supporters of ISCAST but who do not have the qualifications, time or interest required to become Fellows. They support ISCAST’s Vision, Mission and Core Values. Many ISCAST associates are among our most active members and are key supporters of ISCAST’s program through financial and other means.
Associates receive:
  • discounts to ISCAST events; 
  • the ISCAST Digest four times a year;
  • regular email newsletters informing them of news and issues of interest relating to the science-faith area;
  • a discount on their subscription to Science and Christian Belief.
Associates become members by application to ISCAST. The Associate membership fee as at March 2015 is $66 per year.

Corporate and Family Membership

Organisations wishing to support the work of ISCAST are encouraged to become corporate members. Families too may wish to be involved but do not want to pay a subscription for each member or receive multiple copies of the Digest or email newsletters. 
Corporate and family members receive the same discounts made available to ISCAST Associates and become members through application to ISCAST. Corporate and Family Membership as at March 2015 is $88 per year.

Student Membership

Many members of ISCAST remember with gratitude the access we had to wise scientists who influenced us through their Christian faith and helped us understand the issues involved and set us on our various paths of research, professional careers and learning. ISCAST is keen to provide this same access for today’s science and theological students.
Student membership of ISCAST is $22 per year, and this provides the full suite of benefits of membership as well as access to some of Australia’s top scientists in their fields.
ISCAST is currently investigating the possibility of developing a student program focussed on senior secondary and undergraduate university students, particularly those studying science and/or theology.

If you are interested in membership with ISCAST you can apply now using the online application form.

New members will be put in contact with the ISCAST chapters closest to them and will be encouraged to become actively involved there.



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ISCAST Fellows

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