What’s theology got to do with coal seam gas?
Chris Dalton, November 2014


Opportunities offered by the national science curriculum for exploring the relationship between science and faith
Juhani Tuovinen, December 2013


On why we should agree with contemporary atheists — or why a generic god does not exist
Robert Brennan, May 2013


‘Fine tuning’ explored within a Christian understanding of reality
John Pilbrow, February 2013

Christianity, science and rumours of divorce
Chris Mulherin, January 2013



Science as ideology betrays its purpose
Chris Mulherin, January 2013



1254880The cognitive science of religion and Christian faith: some preliminary considerations
Jonathan Jong, June 2012

191283I am tired, therefore who cares? Disenchantment in the age of information overload 
Murray Hogg, February 2012

1242968Who Am I?
Alan Gijsbers, August 2011


764853Science and Faith
Alan Gijsbers, August 2011



Towards a post-modern apologetic
Alan Gijsbers, August 2011


1189123Putting Faith to the Test
James Garth, July 2011


Exploring Questions of Origins
James Garth, April 2010.


Evolution—a short guide for the perplexed
Bruce Craven, October 2008




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