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Ten Commandments

Our aim is to explore topics relating to the interface between science & technology and Christianity. We recognise that people come to these discussions from all sorts of perspectives and we would encourage those to be represented here. In order for us all to be given a fair go however, we have compiled some fairly basic rules:

1. Don’t Be Objectionable

This site is aimed at providing for lively and passionate debate between intelligent and informed adults. Please do not set out to antagonize, offend or disrupt the debate or we will have to remove your registration for a time or cancel it permanently.

2. Stick To The Topic

The debate has been structured into topics to help us ensure that the debate will actually lead somewhere. Within the topic, please feel free to introduce new threads and lines of thought. If your topic of interest hasn’t been included yet, hang around and it will turn up or, better still, email the custodian and we’ll get around to introducing it.

3. Play The Ball

Those of us who follow the more civilized codes of football detest the player who targets another player and not the ball. With the Forums, it is the same. The assumption is that ideas and positions are sincerely held and presented as well as possible. Attacking the person presenting these ideas spoils the spectacle and is demeaning all round. Name calling, personal insults, stereotyping according to race, nationality, etc is not allowed and we reserve the right to withdraw contributions that prove to be offensive.

4. Don’t Preach

Again, the purpose of the site is for lively debate in the areas of science, technology and our faith. We all hold positions that we believe to be fundamental and essential to be shared. This is a forum where these can be shared but not in a way that refuses to consider the merit of the other point of view or becomes so focused on a single issue that the richness of the positions of others is not recognised.

5. Don’t Post Illegal Material

This goes without saying. Libelous or obscene material, advocating illegal activities or breaching copyright is not on.

6. Don’t Advertise

Please do not use this site as a springboard for flogging other sites or products. Where sites or products (eg books) are pertinent to the topics being debated they are welcome of course but this is a debate and discussion site, not a market place.

7. Read Your Contribution Before Sending It Off

A quick once over before you click the send button could save you much embarrassment.

8. Be Brief

An online discussion site is not the place for substantial argument. If you have a more structured case to make you may wish to prepare an article for publication on this site. More thoroughly researched dissertations quoting others’ material and of more substantial contribution to thinking on the topic are also welcome as formal papers. These will be peer reviewed and, if accepted, then published.

9. Accept The Custodian’s Ruling

Each topic has a custodian charged with following the debate and keeping it going. This custodian is also charged with keeping order. Occasionally this person may have to intervene by asking for an apology, removing unhelpful material, suspending or canceling a registration. We ask that you respect that role and make it a simple one.

10. Acknowledge The Site

While the discussion on this site will be informal, we do hope that it will lead to more substantial discussion both within ISCAST and elsewhere. Within this site we also encourage the publication of articles, book reviews and formal, peer-reviewed papers as well as contributions to seminars from time to time. We do ask that when concepts of substance emerge either from the debate or where the debate is used to refine these concepts that the site be acknowledged for the role it has played.

Thank you and enjoy the debate.




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